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A day out on the water is hard to beat and is pretty much one of the more fun days one will have on vacation. We offer a range of services, from private day trips sight seeing, booze cruising, beach hopping, snorkeling, taxi services, and spearfishing and lobster diving trips. Once the months of April-September roll around the ocean gets calm, the winds lay down, and the water warms up, perfect for spearfishing and catching lobster. Now don’t think this is an easy task. It requires the ability to free dive to at least 10 ft of water, hold your breath for at least 30 seconds, all while concentrating on catching that prize fish or lobster for dinner.


For the inexperienced type, we usually spend the first half of the day practicing some basic free diving techniques and breath holds to get the afternoon started for catching, and lets face it, there truly is nothing like catching your own dinner… Fresh fish and lobster straight from the ocean to the table.  Do something a little different for your next visit and book a lobster diving and spear fishing trip! Check out our Fresh Catch media gallery to see whats on the menu for dinner.