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3 Reasons to Book a Private Boat while on Vacation in St Thomas

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It’s a question we commonly ask our selves after  booking a plane ticket to the next destination. What activities do we want to do? When visiting a new region of the world you are looking for the best activities to see explore and get a sense of the culture. Well in the Virgin Islands there is no better way to do this than booking a private boat tour. Here are the top 3 reasons we recommend this:

  1. Local Expertise
    • There is no better way to see the place you are visiting than with a true local. At See and Ski all of our captains are native Virgin Islanders who know the ins and outs of every spot on the ocean. Our captains can show you the secluded beaches and keep you away from the sometimes overpopulated touristy spots. They know the hidden gems that will leave you speechless as you are exploring the islands by water.
  2. More Cost Effective
    • A full day charter may see expensive up front, but in the end is often more cost effective than multiple individual tours. Skip the overpriced taxis, concessions, and group tours for a set price for your own boat. You will be able to see more and do more for one set price. At See and Ski you rent the entire boat and with our 33 ft. can fit up to 14 people. Your average price per person is much less and your tour will be customized to your preferences. And what is better than touring the islands from a boat?!
  3. Personal Service
    • As stated above you have your very own captain who will customize your day based on your wants and needs. Want to go cliff jumping? We know a place for that. Want to go snorkeling or spearfishing? We know a place for that. Want to drink painkillers and relax on a secluded beach? We definitely know a few places for that! Want to do all three of these in one day?! We can do that! Personal service is our specialty and we want to show you the best time on our little island we call home!
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Caribbean Journal – 25 Best Beaches in the Caribbean

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Caribbean Journal has recently released the 2015 top 25 best beaches in the Caribbean. Between the U.S. and British Virgin Islands we have claimed 5 of the 25 spots (including our personal favorite, Hanslollick)! Wow!  Each one of the beaches is absolutely amazing and we can help you plan your trip to all of them! As native Virgin Islanders we are so honored to have our little island home featured. Check out the link below to see all of the Caribbean Islands that made the list.

Those 5 amazing places in the U.S. and B.V.I include:

  1. The Baths, Virgin Gorda
  2. White Bay, JVD
  3. Hanslollick, USVI
  4. Sandy Spit, BVI
  5. Magens Bay, St. Thomas

Check out our pictures below for a glimpse at some of these awesome locations.

St Thomas Powerboat rentals

St Thomas Powerboat rentals

St Thomas Powerboat rentals

St Thomas Powerboat rentals

St Thomas Powerboat rentals

Virgin Islands Voted Best Caribbean Destination by US News and World Report

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Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs. These are all typical terms you may hear when describing a destination in the Caribbean, but in the US and British Virgin Islands these traits are unparalleled to any other. That being said, there was no surprise when the US News and World report ranked both the British Virgin Islands as the number one destination and the US Virgin Islands as the #3 destination in the Caribbean.

Whether you are looking to take a day trip to the explore the world famous caves at the Baths in Virgin Gorda, relax on the secluded sparkling beaches of Anegada, or explore the hidden beaches and snorkeling spots around St. Thomas and St. John, the Virgin Islands is the place to go.

At See and Ski powerboat rentals, we specialize in creating an itinerary that is right for you and your family. Our boats are perfect for cruising around the US and British waters. Skip the crowds and “touristy” spots for a real local experience. You will not be disappointed you chose to rent your own boat for the day!

So if you are ready to escape the winter check out the link below to the US News and World Report and book your trip to the Virgin Islands.


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Summertime Activities in the Virgin Islands

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Summer time in the Virgin Islands makes for perfect powerboat conditions. One of our favorite pastimes is a weekend of camping on the remote island of Hanslollick. A beautiful secluded island about 2 miles from the north-side of St. Thomas, Hanslollick provides the perfect beach for a weekend getaway. Frequented by locals, this island will make you feel like a true Virgin Islander. A day on Hanslollick will help you understand the true meaning of the phrase “no shoes, no shirts, no problems.”

Camping activities include, spearfishing, snorkeling, free-diving, ultimate Frisbee, and of course a painkiller or two. It’s also the perfect place for the See and Ski mascots Heinz and Mogli to run around. These two German Shepards can be spotted lounging beneath the hammock house. Summer time is finally upon us! Can’t wait for all the fun activities!

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Take Your Own Powerboat to the St. John Carnival Festival

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Every year as the 4th of July approaches, the small island of St. John prepares for their annual carnival. It is a jubilee filled with music, dancing, good food, and local culture. The festival lasts a whole week, ending with a parade and fireworks on the 4th of July.

Carnival as we know it today, is a result of centuries old traditions, from both the European and African descendants. The U.S. Virgin Islands is melting pot for all ethnicity and cultures, allowing for a cultural fusion of the carnival traditions.

“Music and dance were integral parts of celebrations during the plantation era in the Caribbean. These traditions continued to evolve over time; as did the various periods of celebration. Though most celebrations occurred around Christmas and the pre-lent festival of Carnival some were planned around the agricultural cycle, the end of the sugar cane harvest for example. It is from these various festivals with their creolized music, dance and masquerading traditions that Carnival developed.” – Source- VI Now

“Today Carnival is celebrated across the Caribbean. On some islands the festival has endured almost annually since the 1800s. On other islands the 1900s saw various festival traditions being revived into Carnival, often incorporating elements from neighboring islands. Carnival is however much more than a modern festival with remnants of contributing traditions, both European and African. While retaining similarities it has evolved into something that is also different – enough so to be considered uniquely Caribbean.” – Source- VI Now

Check out VI Now at the link below to read more in depth on the history of Carnival.

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