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It’s a question we commonly ask our selves after  booking a plane ticket to the next destination. What activities do we want to do? When visiting a new region of the world you are looking for the best activities to see explore and get a sense of the culture. Well in the Virgin Islands there is no better way to do this than booking a private boat tour. Here are the top 3 reasons we recommend this:

  1. Local Expertise
    • There is no better way to see the place you are visiting than with a true local. At See and Ski all of our captains are native Virgin Islanders who know the ins and outs of every spot on the ocean. Our captains can show you the secluded beaches and keep you away from the sometimes overpopulated touristy spots. They know the hidden gems that will leave you speechless as you are exploring the islands by water.
  2. More Cost Effective
    • A full day charter may see expensive up front, but in the end is often more cost effective than multiple individual tours. Skip the overpriced taxis, concessions, and group tours for a set price for your own boat. You will be able to see more and do more for one set price. At See and Ski you rent the entire boat and with our 33 ft. can fit up to 14 people. Your average price per person is much less and your tour will be customized to your preferences. And what is better than touring the islands from a boat?!
  3. Personal Service
    • As stated above you have your very own captain who will customize your day based on your wants and needs. Want to go cliff jumping? We know a place for that. Want to go snorkeling or spearfishing? We know a place for that. Want to drink painkillers and relax on a secluded beach? We definitely know a few places for that! Want to do all three of these in one day?! We can do that! Personal service is our specialty and we want to show you the best time on our little island we call home!